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Personal Bio

Trant Batey

Trant has been working locally in the Austin, Texas area for a number of years, primarily in independent features, theatre, student films, and commercials.

To see some of Trant's past work, select the "Video Clips" link to the left. This will take you to Trant's demo reel page.

Trant was raised in the country, about 16 miles to the Southeast of Seguin, Texas. Seguin is a town of close to 20,000 people, 50 miles East of San Antonio.

His first acting experience was in second grade, where he used to make-up stories during "Show and Tell." In third grade, Trant co-wrote, directed, produced, and starred in a play, called "The Wizards Pumpkins," for the annual Halloween Talent Show at Mary B. Erskine Elementary School. "…Pumpkins" was a morality play about stealing. I.E., if you steal the Wizards pumpkins, you are apt to be turned into a frog. Spooky huh? It was awarded third place.

Trant was active in theatre in High School and decided to forego higher education, so he majored in Theatre Arts at Southwest Texas State University. He graduated with a BFA in Theatre Arts with a teaching certification. This is because a BFA in Theatre Arts with a teaching certificate was the only degree offered, in any department anywhere at Southwest Texas State University, which did not require a foreign language. Trant made a 49 in French. (In all honesty, SWT has an excellent Theatre program.) While at Southwest Texas, Trant also received a Masters of Science Degree in Computer Science.

After spending a few years as a teacher and a software engineer, Trant started his professional acting career in Austin, in 1988. While he works primarily in and around Austin, Trant is generally able to work in other regions. For a partial list of credits you can review Trant's Resume at http://www.trantbatey.com/Resume/FilmResume.html.

For more information, please e-mail tbatey@trantbatey.com.